Quality Policy and Chain of Custody (PEFC)

ZUBIRI S.L. is a company exclusively devoted to the manufacture and commercialization of wooden pallets for the production of all kinds of precast concrete (blocks, kerbs, cobblestones, etc.). We have recently decided to establish a Chain of Custody Management System in accordance with PEFC standards, to prove our compromise with the sustainability of the world’s forest resources.

The board of Zubiri S.L. is convinced of the necessity to look after the environment, which becomes every day more fragile. For this reason, the board is committed with the establishment and implementation of the necessary requirements to ensure compliance with the PEFC International Chain of Custody Standard.

To make it possible, Zubiri S.L. will count with the collaboration of not only employees, but also clients and suppliers, since they play a basic role in the continuity of the Custody Chain to the last client. Zubiri S.L. has always been strongly committed with the implementation of health and safety, social requirements that the company must fulfil. For Zubiri S.L. health and safety at work are, not only employees’ rights, but also the company’s obligation, and their fulfilment is considered even more important than that of minimum legal requirements.

Zubiri S.L. will promote the virtues of this system by recommending all our suppliers to join in the Custody Chain, fact that benefits us, them, and the society in general.

As a way to reach these objectives, we will implement our system by adopting a philosophy of Constant Improvement that will be seen in our:

  • Management of non-compliances, corrective and preventive actions.
  • Performance of internal and certification audits.
  • Periodic revision of the system.

To ensure an effective implementation of the abovementioned principles, these must be necessarily supported by the board, our staff, clients, and suppliers.

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