ZUBIRI is a company exclusively devoted to the manufacture and commercialization of wooden pallets for the production of all kinds of precast concrete (blocks, kerbstones, paving stones, etc.)

Beginning its activity in 1971, the company was officially set up in 1986, relying on the wide experience in precast industry of its founder, Mr. Fermín Pinzolas Zubiri.

Due to the market needs and the broad technological advances, we have created the most innovative production line of solid panels in 2005. We are equipped with a totally automated and robotized production chain, allowing us to increase the level of production and to reduce manufacturing costs. As a result, ZUBIRI can offer excellent quality at a very competitive price.

Our facilities are located in Northwest Spain (Santiago de Compostela), an Atlantic region counting with a wooded area of 1.5 million hectares. We have a 45.000 m2 open-air area that permits the outdoor drying of our raw materials, as well as a 7.500 m2 covered area.

Our duly qualified and an excellent technical team allow us to offer an optimum quality final product.

Characterized by our responsibility, our service-oriented attitude, and our innovative spirit, all what’s guaranteeing the attention and devices our clients are expecting from us.

Nowadays, our pallets are present in over 40 countries around the five continents. Our clients are our best endorsement for the service and quality we provide. We owe it to them, in response to the guidance, support, and recommendations.

Zubiri Pallets for precast concrete

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