Wood for Zubiri pallets

One of the keys to Zubiri success is our raw materials. We always and exclusively use PINUS PINASTER ATLANTICA, also known as ATLANTIC MARITIME PINE, a type of wood that grows in Northwest Spain and South France (Landes). It is a type of wood with high content of resin that helps dealing with the high humidity rates to which it is subjected in the wood dryers and production lines.

It is also a very resistant type of wood because pine trees are not cut down before they are 40 years of old. A natural open-air drying process is carried out at the mountains, which also offers the possibility for our customers to adjust the wood moisture percentage in automatic dryers.

International tolerante on delivery
  Length ± 2,50 mm
  Width ±   1%
  Thickness ±   0,50 mm

Bending or twisting on delivery: less than 15 mm (pallets rest horizontally)

New “multiple wave” assembly Zubiri

After having used a dovetail assembly system for 30 years, our experience and the market itself forced us to introduce a new joining system known as “MULTIPLE WAVE”. It is a tongue and groove system consisting on 3 tongues and 4 grooves. Between joints, we apply a highly resistant polyurethane based adhesive. This multiple tongue and groove system permits a better hold between boards and guarantees a flat working surface, as well as an even distribution of vibrations over the pallet.

The above mentioned characteristics entitle us to provide our clients with a written WARRANTY that assures no openings between boards.

Zubiri´s Finger-Joint system

We are THE ONLY MANUFACTURERS IN EUROPE using the FINGER JOINT system. It is recommended for big pallets, since it neutralizes the board growth rings and avoids, as much as possible, the twisting and bending of the pallets that can happen during long distance transportation, vacation breaks or the exposure of pallets to high temperatures.

Profile closing “Perfect Closed” Zubiri

Pallets are provided with two profiles made of 2mm thick galvanized steel; the endings are sealed with a triple folding and given a rounded shape (system patented in Europe) this increases the closing strength and prevents the pallets from getting stuck along the production line.

We also punch each profile eight times (four on the upper side and four on the lower) to assure they are perfectly fixed to the sides of the pallet.

Planing and sanding Zubiri

We perform and even planning and sanding on both surfaces of the pallet. We have a high-tech two band sander that allows us to achieve an even and flat finish on both surfaces of the pallet.

Zubiri´s Treatment

We treat the pallets with an exclusive bichromate based insecticide and fungicide product that works against moisture and other wood destructive agents.

We want to emphasise the fact that we are committed to protect environment and, therefore, we seek the best environmental management in all our products, evaluating and carrying out the necessary actions to guarantee a sustainable growth.

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