Instructions for the use and maintenance of Zubiri pallets.

It is well known that wood is a living matter that expands and contracts itself due to several factors: atmospheric conditions (high temperature and humidity rate over 25%), a stop in the pallets activity, and so on.

That is the reason why we recommend following the instructions below:

  1. Pallets have be stored indoors, protected from weather and covered with a canvas. We also recommend placing a heavy weight on top of each stack.

  2. If the air is excessively dry, small cracks might appear on the pallets. In such case, it is necessary to dampen them until the cracks disappear and the pallets recover their original dimensions.

  3. Due to the aggressive environment the pallets are subjected to (humidity, drying accelerators for concrete, vibrations, press compression, etc.), it is extremely important that the press is provided with diffusers for the application of fungicide and release-agent treatments to improve the pallets protection and make them last longer. We also recommend oil based treatments instead of water based ones. Our advice is to submerge the pallets, for example during holiday seasons, in a fungicide treatment to make them last longer.

  4. The pallets moisture level may be kept between 18% and 20% to avoid cracks produced by dryness, or to prevent them from rotting due to excessive humidity.

  5. It is recommended to regulate correctly the mould clamping, as well as the vibrating table (covering the total surface of the pallet, and keeping shock absorbers of vibrating tables in good conditions) because these facts affect the correct operation of pallets.

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