Zubiri pallets are guaranteed against manufacturing flaws for a period of six months, like other European warranties. Nevertheless, it is necessary to fulfil the requirements specified in section “Maintenance and instructions”. Warranty also takes into consideration the possibility of replacement of pallets that have been considered faulty after we exhaustively examine them. Moreover, our manufacturing system allows us to provide the client with a WRITTEN WARRANTY that assures no openings between boards.


Claims will not be accepted in the following cases:

  • Deterioration, either accidental or not.
  • Failure in following the instructions described in section “Maintenance and instructions” as this can result in:

    • Bending
    • Cracking
    • Breaking
    Caused by excessive dryness of the wood (moisture under 15%).
    • Surface softening
    • Evident increasing in wideness
    • Rotting
    Because of excessive humidity (over 25%) and high temperature in dryers with lack of ventilation (between 20º and 30ºC).

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